Why The Stimulus Package Will Make You Poorer

The $1.9 trillion stimulus package is being presented as a savior and people are waiting for their $1,400 check. But if you think about it, this is the worst scenario ever.

The US National Debt is $28 trillion !! as of today and as we all know, a rising inflation means the buying power of the dollar over time decreases.

Inflation can happen if the money supply grows faster than the economic output under otherwise normal economic circumstances. Inflation, or the rate
at which the average price of goods or serves increases over time, can also be affected by factors beyond the money supply.

The theory most discussed when looking at the link between inflation and money supply is the quantity theory of money (QTM), but there are other theories that challenge it.

As an example; $100 dollar in 1998 has a value of $62 dollar in 2021. You need more money to buy goods today thanks to the inflation.

When Washington Post write “Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty and favoring individuals over business” this is just Liberal propaganda and I feel sorry for the american people being played with.

People with money in the bank is screwed big time. We are talking about families and the older generation with savings. Their money is from today worth less. And the radical left politics eats of your income thanks to more expensive gas, food and electricity. And your savings are eaten by this enormous inflation taking place. The Biden administration is acting like Venezuela.

The millennials doesn’t understand what impact this economic model will have on their future. Small businesses will suffer and more and more jobs will be moved overseas. And for what ? A one time stimulus check of $1,400.

The Biden debt will mainly go to badly run cities and further rallies in the stock market, and that’s it.

Millions of americans are loosing money these days. They buy stocks and “commodities” in a bubble and they will loose big. This is 2018, 2008 and 2000 all over again.