Boarder Crisis — Always has been

Do you remember the Fake Media back in 2018 denying there was a Migrant Caravan headed for the southern boarder? “Some people 1000 miles down there” as Barack Obama framed it. But as we all remember, they came and in huge numbers. But because of stricked policies from President Donald Trump, they ended their journey at the boarder. And it stayed that way until Joe “The Nice Guy” Biden told them indirectly “It’s safe to come”.

CNN 2018 — Nothing to see. A manufactures crisis on the boarder

The Wall

We all know there has been a huge problem with illegal immigration cross the boarder. And that’s why Donald Trump built the wall, to protect and send a signal. The wall was successful .

Trump building a wall at the Southern boarder


Yesterday, March 26th 2021, Joe Biden held his first Press Conference. And a lot of fake narratives was presented to the American people. Like “It’s a seasonal trend” and he even managed to suggest that “under Trump there were even more migrants held in custody, don’t you remember?”.

Who is creating the narrative? 20 days prior , CNN released their “Fact Check” on what actually happens.

“The numbers are very high. They’re not the highest ever, but they’re particularly high for this time of year,” said Mark Greenberg, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute and former Health and Human Services official. “There is some seasonal variation and usually the numbers are higher in springtime than in winter, so to see such high numbers in February is very unusual”

The reality is, Biden campaigned on ending ICE and re-introduce Catch and Release. He ended funding finishing the Wall.


The same media

  • mocking the American people about a “non existing Migrant Caravan” back in 2018
  • and the same media pushing the false narrative that Trump put kids in cages (these images of kids in cages were from the Obama/Biden era)
  • Calling conservatives racists for supporting the Wall
  • Calling conservatives racists for ending Catch and Release

The same media and politicians, now suggesting they are doing a better job stopping illegal immigration .. You got to be stupid if you fall for these lies and fake narratives from the far left Democrats and the fake news media.

And these are the same pushing a false narrative on several topics resulting in looting and arson and violence around the country. They have radicalized some people to the extend that they commit mass murder .

C‘mon man